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Hello, my name is Captain Farmer and I am the owner of Break Even Charters here in NJ. We have been using wind on leaders for a long time on all of our offshore trolling and live lining rods. A traditional wind on leader is a knotless leader that allows the angler to connect the leader to the mainline with a loop-to-loop connection and to troll or live line a single bait. The main advantage of a wind on leaders is that it can be reeled through the guides of most fishing rods, allowing the angler to maintain constant pressure when fighting the fish to the boat.

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Nonpareil Fishing Wind-on Leaders

Over the last few years, trolling tandem Mojo’s for striped bass has been the ticket for catching large bass.  The conventional method of trolling tandem Mojo’s is a 3-way swivel.  This method works well, but with larger fish and double headers, it becomes a challenge to get the fish into the boat.  A 3-way swivel cannot be reeled through the guides. Once you reel in as much line as you can, you still have 10-20 feet of line to hand line in to get the fish into the boat. While you are hand lining the first fish, it is very had to keep pressure on the second fish, giving her the opportunity to throw the hook.  Since the Y Knot Leader can be reel through the guides, the angler can keep constant pressure on both fish.

The Y Knot Tandem Leader actually has ZERO knots to fail and can be reeled through the eyes of any rod. Using the Y Knot Leader allows you to apply maximum pressure on the fish until it is alongside the boat where it can be netted or gaffed. The Y Knot Leader system provides near 100% line strength.

The Y Knot Leader system is a new leader system utilizing the same wind on technologies used offshore for big game fish,but with a twist. The Y Knot Leader system connects to the main line with a loop-to-loop connection, just as with the traditional wind on and it also can be reeled through the guides of almost every fishing rod. However, there are two spliced leads on the business end of the Y Knot Leader system allowing you to troll two baits from the same main line. Doubling your chances of hooking a fish!